Careers with Us

At IMT Solutions Corporation, we value every employee as an equally important member of our team. Our employees are our most valued asset and as such we've built our corporate culture focused on the success and happiness of our team. Our leadership is passionate about helping each and every employee achieve their career goals. We strive to achieve having IMT Solutions be the last company our employees ever join. Our leadership focuses closely on each employee's aspirations and work in a partnership to identify challenging and rewarding assignments. Our employees are highly regarded for the IT, Engineering and Consulting services they provide for their customer's mission. In joining our corporate family culture, you'll find that you'll have career opportunities, accompanied by training and tools to advance and achieve your goals.

At IMT Solutions Corporation you're offered a comprehensive package of benefits, perks, recognition and career development opportunities. Our employees' satisfaction is very important to us. Our employees are like family so we leverage our corporate resources to enable satisfaction that is rounded out in their professional and personal lives.

Take the opportunity to join a company where you matter! One that offers a competitive and comprehensive benefit program that is equally focused on your career growth and satisfaction.

Some of our benefits include...

  • Competitive Compensation

  • Comprehensive Healthcare & Insurance

  • Generous PTO package

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Training/Education

  • Rewards & Recognition

  • Career Development & Growth

  • 401k Safe Harbor Retirement

  • Technology Incentive

  • Swag, swag, swag

  • Community/Charity Give Back Opportunities

  • Involved Leadership committed to your success & happiness

See what our employees are saying!

"It's a good day. I wanted to let you know was posted this morning. That includes Analyst, a few days ahead of the targeted 15th.
It was a stressful flurry of activity there towards the end, but everybody chipped in and made this happen. We certainly have a great group of people at IMT Holdings. That includes Rosoka as well as Solutions. We couldn't have done it without MJ lending us Tom and his eagle eyes for more thorough testing!  Kelly's team was great ...Scott's already out there generating interest, and the feedback we have received so far has been great! " - Jamie T.

"As an employee of IMT Solutions, I’ve been given opportunities to not only utilize the skillset I came in with, but also to learn and develop marketable skills that will benefit my career for years to come. It's been such a great experience being so quickly integrated into a welcoming team of knowledgeable professionals.” -Katie S.

"Working with IMT Solutions has been like a breath of fresh air.  It's very rare you work for a company especially in the IC where you get to work where your skills are needed, valued and appreciated. You're not just placed in a position to fill a slot, but to use and expand your skill set.  You're encouraged to learn all you can, so you can move to positions of greater responsibility while providing the customer the best support possible. It's a small world and you meet lots of great folks, but It's always nice to work with familiar faces." -Sheila J.

For more information about our capabilities, career opportunities and/or the full benefit package details and policies, please contact us at