Our Company

Incorporated in Virginia on October 21, 2013, IMT Solutions is an engineering solutions and consulting organization driven to exceed customer and employee expectations.

IMT Solutions combines a vision of technical innovation, social awareness and sound business practices to achieve an organization of unprecedented caliber. The talent within the corporation offers support and solutions in consulting services, highly skilled IT professionals to niche offerings in data science, and knowledge engineering supporting information extraction and data analytics.


Gregory Roberts, President/CEO, founded IMT Holdings, Corp and its subsidiaries in 2007 and 2013 respectively, to provide multilingual products and services to a multilingual world. Mr. Roberts, a computational linguist by trade and education, brings his prior corporate experience providing knowledge engineering services and developing and selling machine logic and extraction products within both Federal and Commercial markets to lead these organizations. Mr. Roberts is a known subject matter expert in natural language software systems, knowledge management and data extraction systems within the US Intelligence Community. Mr. Roberts is a dynamic speaker and leader, with the ability to coordinate both internal and external resources, along with the vision to guide the companies to achieve results.

Competitive Landscape

Competition is fierce among the small and large businesses for Information Technology/Consulting services, especially in the Federal Sector. Our highly skilled personnel (cleared and un-cleared) combined with strategic partnerships, sets IMT Solutions apart from the competition. As the only Certified Partner of Rosoka™, IMT Solutions offers differentiating solutions and services partnered with the software product line creating discriminators for competitive acquisitions in Data Science, Analytics and Information Extraction.


Our Mission:

Exceed Client/Employee expectations through innovation and business practices of
unprecedented caliber.

Our Vision:

To be a preferred provider consistently solving challenges through the delivery of
technically superior resources and solutions.

Our Values:

Premier Workforce – A passionate team, formed on a foundation of technical
excellence, having unparalleled integrity, honesty, and dedication toward success.
Invested in Customer & Employee Success – Corporate commitment to the success
of our customer’s and employee’s goals and objectives - first and foremost!
Achieved through collaborate partnerships that excel in communication and
dedication with each individual.
Innovation – Solving today’s challenges with tomorrow’s solutions through
evolving innovation and collaboration. Committed to delivering high-end solutions
by leveraging advanced technologies.
Financial Stability – Sustain financially responsible operations to maximize the
value provided to our customers and employees.
Quality Citizenship – Believing in our employees by supporting charities they’re
passionate about.


Solving Tomorrow’s Challenges – Today!